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La Montaña - Casa Efigenia

Restaurante La Montaña – Casa Efigenia: A corner oblivious to time.

La Gomera is one of those magic places on earth where you can escape from the passing of time, stop the clock and forget the routine and the real world, to immerse yourself in a land that is indifferent to the years and changes of seasons. And it is on this wonderful island where we find a spot that shows us how to time-travel using our senses: sight, ear, taste and feelings. That marvellous spot is casa Efigenia…

And it all began at the end of the hectic decade of the 1940s, when the young couple Efigenia and Manuel decided to share their lives and passion and to make others’ lives more pleasant. Together they worked in their little grocery store that grew by word-of-mouth as its only marketing tool, which lead the couple to expand and open at the late 60’s a restaurant with Efigenia as main character. A woman born on La Gomera who grew up among fruits and vegetables, taking these from her garden into her kitchen, shaping them with her skilful hands to serve traditional and delicious dishes with her always kind and gentle personality. Thanks to her, this little lost spot of the island has become a benchmark of the traditional Canarian gastronomy.

Casa Efigenia is a place where the dishes are only made of vegetables, from the spirits, the stews, the gofio to the delicious desserts, and are cooked with the tenderness and the taste of someone whose lifetime has been giving to others. A restaurant where each client becomes a family member and every scent, every colour and every smile turn into a souvenir.


This restaurant has survived the course of time to tell us that the gastronomy has no secrets and that the manners are not ruled by any protocol for a person who was born with the gift of giving and making others happy; and this way she receives without asking. Casa Efigenia is a good example of the good practise and dedication on the Canarian Islands.