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Jardín Las Hayas

Our resort is located in the beautiful hamlet of Las Hayas, municipality of Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera island, only a few steps away from the magnificent Garajonay National Park, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In the hotel surroundings you’ll enjoy amazing hiking paths and many trails for active tourism. You can walk or cycle through the magic and enchanted forest from the Quaternary Period or take an ecologic route in this world’s unique environment. Enjoy our wonderful weather, aquatic activities and our black sand beaches and share our popular culture experiences. All this in a place where the rural lifestyle seems to have changed very little.

Just 500 m separate “Jardín Las Hayas” from the Garajonay National Park, a unique place on earth to enjoy “laurisilva”, our enchanted laurel rain forest from the Quaternary Period that once covered all the Mediterranean basin. There are many routes and paths for all difficulty levels inside & outside the park waiting for you to choose them. Each corner of the island is reachable from our resort and we encourage you to discover, visit and live them. You could also enjoy many refreshing sensations at our coasts, from black sand beaches to our fauna & flora and marine geology.

Getting there

You need to take a ferry or a plane from Tenerife or Gran Canaria. From the harbour in San Sebastián de La Gomera or from the airport in Alajeró, you have to take the road to Valle Gran Rey and stop at the hamlet Las Hayas on the west border of Garajonay National Park.

From San Sebastián de La Gomera take the south road to Valle Gran Rey and after the park turn to the left (there is a sign that shows “Valle Gran Rey por Las Hayas”). You’ll arrive at Las Hayas where you find the Restaurant “La Montaña” (with a parking surrounded by eucalyptus trees in the front). From Valle Gran Rey you have to take the main road and after two tunnels in Arure turn to the right; the next hamlet after the cemetery is Las Hayas. From the airport you have to take the road to Valle Gran Rey driving through Alajeró, Igualero, Chipude and El Cercado, then the next hamlet is Las Hayas.